Goodbye, Hello

For all the people who have viewed my blog in the past, thank you for all the positive comments and feedback, but I will have to say Goodbye to this blog because I have a new one about school and my experiences. However, you can still look at this blog, but I will not have any updates any more. Also Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all you moms out there.

Peace Out, dawg!

My Poem

Hey everyone today in my class I learned about poems and this is a small part that I wrote myself!

I’m Popular

I’m Stylish and Cool,

I Hang Out by the Pool,

I don’t eat at School.

I am Sometimes Cruel,

But I’m never a Fool!

I don’t go to Pre-school,

I don’t need a stool,

I am not a mule.

I don’t drool,

I’m just a teen that Rules!

I’m Popular

By the way this is just made up I’m not a teen or not eat at school. I learned that it your poem there has to be a bit of truth in it and you can maybe even put a few false facts in your poems too. Please comment and tell me if you are writing a poem!

Thanks, Eagle 14 or 032809


New Stuff

Hey Yol, sorry I have not saw any of your comments. I was too busy with the new year, oh by the way belated Happy New Year! This year is a lot different then before, more work, less play, less time to write on blogs, you know. Well, now I have a new blog and I would really want you to see it, go here : Also this year I can’t put any games on my blog so it would be really boring, the other bad news is that my games on this blog crashed, so you can’t play.(sorry) 🙁 Again, I really want you to visit my blog! Ok that’s all I have to write now because I have to do my homework, so chow! 🙂

My Feelings and Comments of the Trip

I thought this trip was a new experience for me because I never went to Europe. This trip I learned a lot of things and I cannot wait to go there again some day. The most memorable place I went to is “Istanbul” because we learned a lot about the culture and the food there and also we were there for two days, also the mosques and the churches there are beautiful.

The transport was great to. (The Cruise) Because every day there was something to do, like we could play paddle tennis for as long as you want and swim and even play games in the kid’s room, so you will never get bored. The room was also great and there was a mini fringe that was free, it is great for a cruise.

I got a lot of souvenirs  from this trip and I hope you get to go on it too.

Hello Asia, Goodbye Europe

Hey guys, I just came back from my trip in Europe. (I didn’t just come back it was like 5 weeks past already) Europe was great and I went on a cruise to places like Turkey, Greece and Italy. I really miss it and I wish I can go on a cruise like that next year. I really miss having a lot of high class food. In Europe we did a lot of shopping and got a lot of cool souvenirs. Well, this post is not too detailed because I am in a hurry to go some where!

Bye! Please tell me about your summer!

Over and Out!

Eagle 14

Plants vs Zombies

Hey yol, today I am going to talk about the rise of Plants vs Zombies or how I like to call it PVZ. In the beginning of my days in Grade 5 I never even knew that Plants vs Zombies was a game. The first time I saw it was when one of my classmates started playing and then everyone had it, I started to like it when my brothers got it and I don’t have the game but I help my brothers. I’m not too good at it either! 🙂

Here is a picture of my brother’s zen garden!

Picture 1

Marble Blast Gold

Most people in my grade has this game called “Marble Blast Gold” most people at my home call it “Marble Blast” for short. I first played this game when I was six (On my old computer, which now doesn’t work) and I thought it was really fun there and I was really good, then I stopped playing when I was around  eight to nine. The years past and all of a sudden everyone had it and I thought it was kind of weird at first, then I thought maybe I should play it, so then I asked my friend to give it to me on a USB. Now, I cheated so I have all the levels and I am too good at it anymore, so I don’t really like it anymore. (but I play everyday)

Here are some photos that I took when I was playing the hardest level called “King of the Mountain”. 🙂

Picture 1 Picture 2

Picture 3 Picture 2

Happy Fathers Day!

Hello again, on Fathers Day we went to church like what we always do on Sunday and then we drove a car to this club called “American Club” and had a big and yummy buffet. After that lunch we drove to a shop called “Roxy” I think most people know that shop, any ways we went there to by a swim suit for my mom. Next we went to a photo shop called “Fotomax” to buy some batteries for the camera. (need it for summer holiday) Then we went home and socialized. Then we had another buffet at another club called “CRC” . Then went home and went to bed.

Well I thought this years Fathers Day was great and I hope every dad has one too!


Getting Ready for Fathers Day

Everybody is getting ready for Fathers Day, making cards, buying presents and other things for your dad. Well I am too as you see all of the things I’m making is hand made, for example a card, a cardboard medal saying “1# Dad”. Everything I make is a surprise! On Fathers Day I will write another post about what we did on Fathers Day. If you have any cool things you are doing on fathers day then please comment back!


Eagle 14

Summer Break

Yes! It’s summer everyone is all excited about leaving the school for a long time, going on cruises, exploring the world and even staying home. For the summer I’m going on a cruises called “Crystal Cruises” with all my cousins and family. I’m going to stop at Venus first then get on the cruises (the cruises is in Venus). I bet it’s going to be a blast! I’ll be leaving on Wednesday, so I might not be writing for a while, so I’ll try my best to write as much as I can!